Learn the story behind the brand, what we stand for, and where we are headed next


Pulqueza is dedicated to providing the best Mexican craft beer on the market while staying true to the mexican roots in ingredients, taste, and culture.

Pulqueza is a toast to the mexican and craft beer culture. Leveraging the power and flavor of pulque, an extract found in the agave plant that's been fermented and drank in Mexico for thousands of years and considered by many as a God's drink, and combining it with the art of beer brewing. This fusion of cultures has lead to the creation of a beer. an Authentic Mexican Craft Beer, worthy of the name Pulqueza


Pulqueza was created by 3 Mexicans that where crazy about Mexico’s mystical drinks. The idea of Pulqueza came by when the 3 of them met at a “Pulque House”. Two of them where actually home brewers and were selling some craft Mexican brands to the Pulque House, the other one was running the Pulque House and knew all about Pulque.

After some beers and some Pulques the next step was just natural: “We must find the recipe where these two fermented drinks can find the greatness in order to honor our roots, Pulque cannot be extinguished” After intensive experimental brewing and close working with the farmers they finally reached a fermentation with the best of Pulque and Cerveza, naming it Pulqueza.


Pulqueza has been surprising all beer lovers and Maguey lovers. Pulqueza can be found in several states of Mexico and is now ready to take the next step: Offer people outside Mexico a taste of Mexico’s roots.

With the contibution and partnership with International Partners Group, a company dedicated to helping local companies with incredible products expand internationally, we are moving the brand in nations accross the globe starting with the United States.


Pulqueza USA consists of 8 major key players

Misael Leon, Mariana Tostado, and Ignacio Lomeli are the creators of the brand and lead the charge in the mexico market.

Leonardo Chavez, Claudia Escobar, William Escobar, Keith Casey, and Holly Pivavoroff are the founders of Pulqueza USA and lead the charge in the United States market among other international markets,

The team consists of extremely talented people who are professional in many different fields of study. From sales and marketing to logistics and technology they've got it covered. This diversity in specializations is what drives our brand and our culture.


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