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We Put The HEART &
SOUL Of Mexico
In Every Bottle

Every Pulqueza bottle goes through our rigorous process before it goes out. It is delivered straight from Guadalajara Mexico giving an authentic feel and taste that can't be found anywhere else.

Pulqueza | Ingredients

Authentic ingredients harvested fresh to deliver the best flavors around

Aguamiel | Mead

The unique and special feature of our beer. Our suppliers are small producers in southeastern Jalisco, who operate in the most traditional way possible. This ingredient is always different and unpredictable, making its use challenging but exciting. Batch after batch we must adapt our process to its differences, to always achieve the same Pulqueza. Its differences are apparent in the beer to some extent. Finding them and understanding them is something that only makes it more interesting to taste our beer every batch, similar to what happens with red wine.

Lupulo |  Hops

Sorry HopHeads. Our intention is not that the profile of hops be what dominates Pulqueza. However, our hops play a vital role in our beer. They help us to make the sensory contribution of the mead balanced and not too sweet or sometimes sour to drink. Without them, Pulqueza would not be what it is.

Malta De Cebada | Barley Malt 

We use exclusively two row barley malt. And the best we know. Our malt is imported from Germany, from a malt house which focuses on making its products specialize in artisenal craft beers, small productions and looking for alternatives to commercial beers. Who knows? Maybe someday we will be able to use malts of the same quality, but Mexican. Currently its production is still very limited.

Levadura | Yeast

The true producer of all beer. Our high fermentation yeast will take advantage of a proportion of malt sugar and mead to convert it into alcohol. But it will only take what is necessary. It will leave enough sugar that will allow us to taste the presence of the mead in our beer.

Agua | Water

Sometimes we forget, but water is the main ingredient of any beer. Changes in its composition leads to differences in the body, aroma and taste of beer. Many will have experienced that the same brand of beer that is brewed in different places does not have the same flavor. Water used is often the reason behind this. In Pulqueza we monitor and, if necessary, manipulate the mineral levels of our water to achieve the profile we want, accentuating the presence of mead.