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Puqueza is a new brand of mexican craft beer. It is the first beer to be brewed with pulque. We are excited to bring this beer to the United States and the rest of the world straight from Mexico.

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Pulqueza Story

Discover our roots and where we are headed

Pulqueza was founded by 3 Mexicans that where crazy about Mexico’s mystical drinks. The idea of Pulqueza came by when the 3 of them met at a “Pulque House”. Two of them where actually home brewers and were selling some craft Mexican brands to the Pulque House, the other one was running the Pulque House and knew all about Pulque.

After some beers and some Pulques the next step was just natural: “We must find the recipe where these two fermented drinks can find the greatness in order to honor our roots, Pulque cannot be extinguished” After intensive experimental brewing and close working with the farmers they finally reached a fermentation with the best of Pulque and Cerveza, naming it Pulqueza.

Pulqueza has been surprising all beer lovers and Maguey lovers. Pulqueza can be found in several states of Mexico and is now ready to take the next step: Offer people outside Mexico a taste of Mexico’s roots.

With the help of International Partners Group, a company dedicated to helping local companies with incredible products expand internationally, we are moving the brand in nations accross the globe starting with the United States.

We look forward to everyone trying this new beer and embracing the rich flavors and culture that it has and represents.

Taste a balanced beer, the fruity notes of the agave and transport yourself into a thousand years ago… 


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Official Pulqueza Logo

True to it's roots our logo is the goddess of agave. Featuring hair made out of agave while wearing a yeast crown.

Official Pulqueza name

Pulqueza is a mixture of the word pulque and cerveza (beer).

Official Pulqueza Sub-logo

We are proud of the fusion we have created so we made a sublogo that features a leaf with a agave on one side and yeast on the other.

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